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Committed to investing in Africa and the emerging markets. This team is committed to delivering a superior customer offering through world class contacts and best practice processes.

Moto & Co Holdings

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Moto & Co Holdings

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Who we are

Moto & Co Holdings is part of a family business association that specializes in mining and we are engaged in physical trading we have in stock various commodities such as Diamonds, Base Metals, Coal, Timber, Coffee…

What we do

Moto & Co Holdings ltd invests in mining and precious mineral resources of the fast development of the African continent and strives to meet the rising global demand of these commodities in an ethical way.

Our vision

We our focus on mining exploration, in able to start our construction, infrastructure, ICT and tourism, as well as the provision of local facilities such as roads, schools and hospitals.


Our vision is to grow a portfolio of high growth quality business assets in Africa that will aid in the development of community by increasing opportunities both local and international for the local inhabitancy.

Moto & Co Holdings is a evolutionary family association.

With an ever growing mining sites, Moto & Co Holdings is  most complete and trusted family association mining business on the market.

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